$20 Patootified

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1. Daddy Needs a New Tractor
2 .That Love Thing
3. This Old Quilt
4. Joyful Noise
5. Polkadots and Moonbeams
6 .Hit Me With Your Best Shot
7. Moments
8. Coffee Bean
9. Lollygagging
10. The Fox and Possum
11. Little Red Wagon
12. Bad Service

TERRY YOUNG lead & harmony vocals, guitars
SANDRA SWANNELL lead & harmony vocals, violin
PRODUCED by Bryan Weirmier, Terry Young & Sandra Swannell.
All songs recorded at Nowheresville Studios, Ontario.
ENGINEERs Bryan Weirmier & Terry Young.
MIXED by Bryan Weirmier.
MASTERED by Phil Demetro for The Lacquer Channel, Toronto.
PREPRODUCTION Brian Bedford, Parkhead Studios, Birdsedge, Huddersfield, UK

$20 Nowheresville  


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1. The Marble
2. Kemble Mountain
3. That Wailing Hound
4. The Dandiest of Dandelions
5. Gucci Gumboots
6. Sweet Patootie Rag
7. Lead Me Now
8. Out of Luck
9. The Roadside Evangelist
10. Your Not The One
11. Letting Go of the Weight
of the World

12. The Box
13. Jiggity Jig
14. Damn Bee

TERRY YOUNG lead vocals, guitars, national steel, harmony vocals
SANDRA SWANNELL lead vocals, violin, harmony vocals
DAVE YOUNG upright bass
KEN WHITELEY chunk guitar & vibes (The Marble), harmony vocals (Gucci Gumboots),  slide guitar (Lead Me Now), Leslie organ
(Kemble Mountain), ukulele
(The Box) ukulele

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My Sweet Patootie: Patootified!

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