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"Musical mayhem expertly played and executed by two outstanding musicians…good humoured and quirky songs." (Shining Friends Roots Music, England)

Since 1999, their dazzling solos and joy of live performance have brought fans from Canada, the US and England to their feet at Tanglefoot shows (CFMA "Best Vocal Group" 2007). Today as My Sweet Patootie, Terry Young and Sandra Swannell embrace a forgotten brand of showmanship that's "two parts exemplary musicianship and one part vaudeville comedy." (Driftwood Magazine)

Their clever, off-center original songs have "elements of western swing and old-time music that updates the flapper feel and gives it a real twenty first century pizazz... a delightful sound with a hundred years in it's soul." (FATEA Magazine)

Sandra Swannell's rich alto voice has been described as "hot buttered rum". She is a classically trained violinist/ violist, but her style owes much more to Folk, Jazz and Blues. Her diverse musical background ranges from recording with Canada's legendary Stompin' Tom Connors to writing a series of musical sketches for string orchestra. Sandra was the principal violist of the Georgian Bay Symphony, and fronted the Celtic art-rock band, The Shards before joining Tanglefoot in 2005.

Terry Young's tremendous dexterity and aggressive approach to finger-style guitar has been described as "virtuosic" by BBC critic James Harrox, and "jaw dropping" by the Folk & Music Exchange. During his Tanglefoot years, he gained a reputation as a talented multi-instrumentalist; performing on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and whistles. Terry is also a classically trained tenor and holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Western Ontario.

As My Sweet Patootie, Terry and Sandra have been forging a solid reputation for delivering polished, completely entertaining and memorable live concerts. In October 2011, they were awarded a showcase by the Manitoba Arts Network.  

"Good Stuff? You bet your...well, you know."
Chris Kocher, Dirty Linen

“Musical mayhem expertly played and executed by two outstanding musicians who no doubt will paint a grin on the longest faces with their good humoured and quirky songs.”  
Paul Edwards, Shining Friends Roots Music England

"You hear their positive happiness shine all over the place". 
Eelco Schilder, FolkWorld

“These were musicians embracing the fun that makes music one of the greatest forces in our lives, even interspersing Flight of the Bumblebee or Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy into their own tunes. What impressed me most was just watching the two of them happily lose themselves in the music, then letting the audience in on their many lyrical gags with a sly wink and a grin that lets you feel an equal part of the whole thing. ”  
Aaron Stewart, "Keeps Me Alive" Online forum

“Lots to like here, o' you tavern trawlers and moon-eyed hipsters, lots to like.” 
Mark S. Tucker, Folk Acoustic Music Exchange

“MSP's new material is clever and unique in subject matter with catchy, playful and lively tunes. They provide a thrilling and very entertaining show.” 
Lillian Wauthier, Acoustic Harvest Folk Club, Fiddles & Frets Music Productions 

“Their playing and song writing is distinctively their own and is of a quality that is all too lacking on the contemporary music scene.”  
Bill Garrett & Grit Laskin, Borealis Records 

“Their music makes you smile! They make it all look and sound so easy to do.” 
Richard Knechtel, Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival

"So much fun that you’d have to be a committed sourpuss to take any offence." 
Leicester Bangs, UK - Americana Round-Up

"The duo are forever spot-on: the Hot-Club-style ambience of their playing is both hightly persuasive and very attractive,and as if that weren't enough both singers are darned brilliant."
David Kidman, NetRhythms, UK

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